Haidee Flory

As students mature, they need to shift from analyzing communication to rhetorically analysing reading, writing, visual presentations and images, to speeches and presentations. One does this to establish the communicator's intent based on background, credibility, style, audience and purpose.

As they develop these skils with  multiple examples, support  with mentoring and humor, practice will allow them to develop their own VOICE, STYLE, and SELF-AWARENESS.

To support learners of any age and circumstance, I problem solve for learner success. I practice based on a mixture of research and experience. Having such a broad background has helped me to deliver results with learners in a variety of situations. I have the evidence: test data, excellent evaluations and multiple student testimonials.

Additionally, I have experience with multiple subjects ranging from ELL, statistics and research methodology, curriculum and instruction, broad social sciences, AP/IB, medical English, standards evaluations at the university level, institutional research, teacher training, grant leader, basic literacy, adult literacy and community literacy, data analysis, skiing, dental health and then some. I have administrated, coordinated and taught k-adult, across subjects, in and out of the country, both public and private educational facilities, as well as charters, community and have volunteered to teach ADULT LITERACY, Reading Interventions for k-3 for ReadingCorps.

I'm from the Canadian border originally and was schooled partly in Quebec, have lived all over the US and in multiple countries abroad. I am familiar with international educational systems and cultural expectations.

In summary, I grow more aware and skilled learners who become more independent and able to get what they want and need in life through language. Learners can leverage this shift in perspective and skill set to become more effective learners able to assume increasingly more challenging roles in their private, public and global lives. Developing and supporting students' potential especially during this COVID year is vital. 


I have a BA in Broad Social Sciences Magna cum Laude, a MEd in Reading and Language Arts, an Ed.S in Curriculum Development and Instruction, and am ABD in Literacy and Research Methodology and Evaluation from the Lab of Ed Research at CU Boulder. My doctoral comprehensives- Merit for Evaluation. I am a Merit of Excellence Recipient on English Praxis.



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