Reading Intervention -Part 1 - Free Class (Language Arts & Reading)

Reading is a complex process that includes phonemic awareness, phonics, writing, vocabulary, and comprehension.

Upon entering the course, the student will be given both an informal reading inventory and an informal phonics inventory collecting data for various reading skills. This data is called a benchmark. A summary of reading and phonics skills will be created for each student. Data is then utilized for creating individual plans of action with differentiated lessons and activities specific to the student.


 Each participant:

  • Might print letters of the alphabet in capital or lowercase forms.  
  • Might know the 26 alphabet letters and some basic letter sounds.  
  • Can not write a simple sentence.  
  • Can not retell stories with a logical order. 


What will I learn?

Stuggling readers need direct instruction with patience during one-on-one tutoring sessions that creates fewer distractions.

Specifically, this is a made-to-order course that will build individual skills and strengthen knowledge retention. Each student will participate in phonics and reading activites for one hour with a 5 minute stretch break during transition. Most lessons will consist of movement and repetition blended with audio and visual aids. Students will receive a weekly syllabus, as a study guide, prior to the start of each six week session. (These documents will be modified depending upon the needs of participant results of benchmark data.)

Megan C Lewis Alston (Language Arts & Reading)

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