English, Grammar, and Writing for Middle School (Language Arts & Reading)

 Middle School Lanuguage Arts and Reading with an emphasis on writing.   

This course will focus on writing and all the mechanics necessary to write well at the Middle School Level. 

Each class will take one aspect or key area of writing and build upon it so that our students become beter wriers not only of a sentence but of a paragrah and a full paper. 

As middle school ELA writing instructors, we all want to wwork to empower our young writers. They often come to us a little shaky, a little unsure. Teaching students--SHOWING THEM--that writing is a process can help middle school writers to build confidence and skill. Ultimately, our job as ELA teachers / tutors is not to teach students but to scaffold and support students to write a a complete essay. Our job is to give students the tools to become WRITERS beyond our classrooms. That means giving students the tools to write well forever and ever. 



What will I learn?

 We will fine tune: 

  • Grammar 
  • Reading
  • Illustrations
  • Freewriting
  • Mindmapping
  • Breaking it down 
  • Answering the Who, What, Where, When, and How


Megan Navarro (Language Arts & Reading)

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Ages 11 - 14 years

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