Art & Games with Python (Coding)

Learn the basics of programming and unleash your creativity along the way! 

This beginner-level course will walk students through the big ideas behind programming and enable them to create cool art and games while they do so. Using the power of the Python programming language and it's easy-to-use visual packages like turtle and tkinter, students will create canvases, drawings and small games to apply the concepts learned throughout the course.

The course is divided into individual modules focused around the “big ideas” of coding such as variables, arithmetic, loops, etc. and will conclude with a final project of the student’s choosing (Art-related/gaming-related OR even both!)

If you have a creative mind and want to get into coding, then this is the course for you!


None. (No previous experience with coding/programming necessary)

What will I learn?

Programming Fundamentals

Students will learn the basic building blocks of programming such as:

- Variables

- Arithmetic

- Control Flow

- Loops

- Functions


Tools to draw out ideas using code

Using the turtle and tkinter libraries, students will be able to make drawings with their instructions and eventually create simple games they can interact with.

Kenzo Balerdi (Coding)

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12 Classes, 2 classes per week

1 hours

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5 Kids

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Multi days

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Ages 10 - 15 years

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